Cloudways Promo Code: Exclusive Deals (April 2020)

Howdy! You are just a few steps away from redeeming our exclusive Cloudways Promo Code that will help you save a few of your hard-earned money on any of the Cloudways hosting plans. It does not matter which hosting plan you have decided to purchase, just paste our coupon & the discount will be applied automatically.

We know every new Blogger or Webmasters have very limited-budget and that’s where Cloudways gives a solution to that. If you’re a new customer to Cloudways and want to grab some discount on your purchase then make sure to check out the listed coupons below & use the one which fits your invoice & hosting plan.

Popular Cloudways Promo Codes For 2020

Without wasting your time any further, let us break things down.

As of March 2020, Cloudways offers two distinct ways to help you get a discount on Cloudways hosting. Either you can grab the Cloudways Free Trial to give a free try to Cloudways hosting without paying anything for 14-days or you can grab some percentage discount on the invoice.

Take a look at a few exclusive coupons.

This is our exclusive code for our esteemed readers who can grab a 20% instant discount on the first invoice with Cloudways. Whether your invoice amount adds up to $100, you’ll get a $20 discount or if it’s $1000, you’ll get a $200 exclusive discount.

How To Redeem Cloudways Promo Code

Step 1: Click on “Reveal Coupon” on any listed coupon that fits your invoice.

Step 2: You’ll be redirected to Cloudways. Now click “Start a Free Trial”.

Step 3: Fill-in the Sign-Up form with accurate details such as Email & Password.

Step 4: Click “Got a Promo Code” to bring up the promo code input box.

Step 5: Finally, you can paste your code here and the discount will be applied to your next purchase automatically.

What is Cloudways?

Cloudways is one of the best cloud hosting providers that offers a wide range of hosting services including Managed Cloud hosting from different servers to users across the world at very affordable pricing. If you’re going to purchase any hosting service from Cloudways, make sure to take a look at our few exclusive Cloudways Promo Code (s).

Millions of bloggers, affiliate marketers & internet geeks across the world are using Cloudways because of its super top-notch service, customer support & simplicity. Also upon going through the Cloudways Reviews by their customers & clients, we found out that CW has been one of the best WordPress hosting companies that have a very good reputation & reviews from its clients.

We’re an affiliate of Cloudways by using our Promo Codes you will be able to save a lot of money while signing up for the premium hosting Plans. upon signing up with Cloudways, you’ll see an option to get started with Cloudways for free for the first 14-days also known as Cloudways Free Trial or you can paste our exclusive Cloudways Promo Code in the promo code text box for the exclusive discount.

As an Affiliate of Cloudways, we have shared a few exclusive Cloudways Promo Codes on this page which means anyone can use them on any of the Cloudways hosting plans to grab massive discounts on hosting along with Cloudways free trial & free credit.

Every promo code that we have shared on this page gives different discounts on different hosting plans. So before applying any Discount Code, make sure that you have checked and read descriptions for each and every code that you’re going to apply on the Cloudways signup page.

So here are our exclusive discount codes to save money while signing up & opting for the premium hosting plans.

Some Popular Cloudways Deals In 2020

Cloudways DiscountHosting PeriodDiscount Code
15% OFF3 Months HostingWP15
25% OFF3 Months HostingHello2019
20% OFF1st Hosting InvoiceBLOGGINGSCOUT
10% OFF3 Months HostingCLOUDWAYS10
15% OFF3 Months HostingHOSTWOO
20% OFF3 Months HostingCLOUD20
$20 CreditNot AvailableBOOSTMAG

Cloudways Free Trial (No Credit Card Needed)

Cloudways lets you test-drive their world-class hosting services for the first 14 days for free under the name of Cloudways Free Trial. In this Free Trial, you’ll be given some specific but limited features & privileges just to let you test-drive their services.

Even though, if you’re already satisfied with their world-class hosting services then you don’t need to opt for their 14 days free trial but rather you just need to use the coupon code shared above to save a lot on the Cloudways Premium Plans.

Step by Step Guide To Redeeming Cloudways Code

Now you have found our Cloudways Codes that will give you whopping discounts on various hosting plans when you’ll sign up and start your premium plan.

In order to redeem the Cloudways code & get a discount, just follow these steps.

Step #1: Click the “Reveal Coupon” button below to copy the Promo Code.

Step #2: Go to and click on Get Started FREE.

Step #3: On The Signup page, click on Got a Promo Code? & then paste the code.

Step #4: Now Subscribe to any of the hosting plans & the discount will be applied automatically.

I hope these steps would help you redeem the Cloudways Promo Code and give you a discount for the next 3 months up to 25%. Drop your comments below if you have any questions related to applying the promo code.

Why Choose Cloudways For Hosting Your Blog?

Since we have numerous web hosting platforms and companies that are inline competing with each other, here we got to talk a little bit about Cloudways Hosting that why we as well as you should be getting locked in with Cloudways for hosting your own either WordPress blog or other CMS made a blog.

We know Cloudways is one of the best and far cheapest hosting solutions for any kind of businesses but it’s not like just hosting your blog. It does offer a wide range of facilities to developers and webmasters which allow them to run their Apps & Sites within minutes of work rather than doing any & everything manually.

Whether you’re trying to build your own WordPress blog or build a blog using any other CMS (Content Management System) like Magento, Joomla or any other one, Cloudways is there to help you out by building your own blog within a while and without having any technical skills and even without doing anything manually. It has got you backed up by experts who are always ready to help you out when you call them for help.

Now we have talked a little bit about it, I’d like you to take a look at some wide range of Cloudways Features. But before you go down, I’d really recommend you to check out our Cloudways Promo Code 2019 which will help you save a lot this year when you’ll be purchasing any premium plan.

Cloudways Features

1. The Simplest Hosting Solution

The thing that makes me impressed about Cloudways is that it comes with simplicity in mind that you’ll love and will recommend to your followers & friends. It does not matter whether you’re a technical guy or not, Cloudways got you backed up with simple tasks to help you achieve your dreams and run your App & Site within minutes.

2. The Best & Reliable Hosting Provider

Are you worried whether Cloudways is reliable or not? Their reliability all depends on their Customers’ reviews & what they say about Cloudways’ services. You can read all about them right over here.

There out are over millions of customers around the world that depend upon Cloudways. If you’re not already their customer, just make sure to check out our Cloudways Promo Code to get signed up with them and also get a whopping discount when you’ll be applying & registering for their premium plans.

3. Fewer Worries & More Freedom

Are you unhappy with a company that does not provide expert support? With Cloudways, you’ll be having fewer worries & you’ll be having more freedom as you’ll be getting 24/7 hours expert support from experts in various methods when you’ll need them.

4. Go Live Within Minutes

Cloudways uses a modern way that lets Small & Large scale businesses setup & makes their Apps & Websites live within minutes. You won’t need to be doing anything the hard way like Web Developers used to do in old time. Now everything with Cloudways is easier than you think. To set up your businesses with Cloudways within minutes, just make sure to use our Cloudways Promo Code.

5. Manage Like a Pro

Cloudways lets you manage everything that you do on it the Pro way which helps you do everything more efficiently and the smart way. It also lets you work on your projects in a collaboration which further makes it easier to complete and finish your project in more convenient ways.

6. Managed Security

Cloudways Managed Hosting comes with Proactive Managed Security which makes your servers safe & more secure. Here’re some security features that I’d like you to know.

  • Dedicated Firewalls: These security firewalls help you secure your all servers traffic from spammers & intruders.
  • 1-Click Free SSL Installation: The Free SSL Installation helps you secure your domain name with a trusted certificate and also fulfills all of your HTTPS requirements.
  • Two-Factor Authentication: It’s also known as TFA which is an easy way to add an extra layer of security to your Cloudways account which one-step further helps you to secure your Cloudways account.
  • IP Whitelisting: This type of security feature lets you whitelist any IPs that you want to access SSH & SFTP.

7. Expert Support

Cloudways provides 24/7 hours of expert support with various methods. Here are some of the most common ways you can get support in.

24/7 Hours Live Chat: In this type of support, you can ask help from a live Cloudways support representative and they will help you in minutes in a magic way.

Strong Knowledge Base: Having questions-related to the Cloudways Services or the Cloudways Promo Code? The Knowledgebase has all the resources to check them out and resolve most of the issues you’re having with it.

24/7 Hours Support Ticketing: Have any confidential question or want to try the Ticketing Support to solve the queries you have? Cloudways offers 24/7 hours ticketing support system which allows you to keep track of your issues and get them resolved soon.

Managed Migrations: Are you wanting to move your applications and existed blogs & sites from your old Hosting Provider to this Super Awesome Cloudways Hosting Provider? Cloudways lets you take care of all of your sites/blogs/applications migrations and you won’t need to worry about anything. All you’ll need to do is just let them know about your applications/sites/blogs that you want to migrate and they will take care of the rest. Before you migrate your sites/blogs or applications to Cloudways, make sure to take a look at our Cloudways Promo Code to grab a whopping discount if you haven’t grabbed already.

Active Community: Another super awesome way that Cloudways offers is the Active Community or you can call it Forum. In this community/forum, you’ll find thousands of already asked questions & their answers OR if you have any question that isn’t already asked or resolved, you can ask a new one and the Experts out there will help you in a while.

8. Automated Backups

You may know that every Web Hosting provider out there offers Automated or On-demand Backups which allows you to have a full backup of your application/site or blog including all the files in servers. With Cloudways, the same is here which allows you to make automated backups starting from 1 hour to every 7 days.

In case you’re doing something unusual or want to manage or edit your files/application/site/blog, just make sure you have the latest backup of your files and if not, just take a backup and then do what you want. Now in case you did anything wrong to your server or files, just restore your taken backup and it will revert back.

9. Up-To-Date Applications & CMS (Content Management Systems)

This feature is common among all the web hosting providers and Cloudways also makes sure that all the applications & CMS (Content Management Systems) including, Joomla, Magento, Drupal etc are up to date so that you never face any problem while using an outdated version of any applications or CMS.

10. Many Data Centers

Page Loading is one of the crucial factors of Ranking in Google and that’s what Cloudways is focusing to provide more than 60+ data centers to help developers & webmasters choose the nearest & fastest data center that skyrocket the loading time of any application or website.

11. 1-Click Apps Installations

Like many other Web Hosting Providers, Cloudways also lets you easily & quickly install & manage any Application or CMS including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or Magento, etc. If you’re going to set up a WordPress blog then you don’t need to manually do everything. What all you will need to be doing is just go to the App Installation page and choose WordPress as your platform and just proceed to the Installation process to install & setup WordPress on your Server & Domain Name within a few minutes.

12. Staging Area

Like WPX Hosting (We have a few WPX Hosting Coupons which allow you to get a whopping discount when signing up for the Premium Plans), Cloudways also offers a Staging area which allows you to do any new things in the Staging area without doing anything wrong to the Live Version of your site and if you did something successfully on the Staging Area then you can push it to the Live Version by just a Click-of-a Button.

13. Team Works

If you want to push someone to become your Team member and want them to manage your applications/blogs or servers then Cloudways allows you to add new members by giving them limited or full access to your servers or applications.

14. WP Migrator Plugin

Are you already locked with any old but your non-favorite hosting provider and you’re tired with it? Now want to give a try to Cloudways? Make sure to use our Cloudways Promo Code to grab a whopping discount and also you won’t need to do any manual migrations because the Cloudways WP Migrator Plugin will do all the stuff.

What you’ll be needing is just to proceed with all the simple steps that this particular plugin will be providing you after you install it.

You can also watch out the below video to learn how to configure the plugin and migrate to Cloudways.

15. Breeze: Free Cache Plugin by Cloudways

Now with Cloudways, you won’t need to have any third-party plugin installed on your blog or any CDN because Cloudways offers a built-in Breeze: The Free Cache Plugin for WordPress which allows you to skyrocket the performance of your blog at zero cost at all!

This plugin will help you in various ways such as it will optimize your Databases, Increase your page loading time, minify your HTML, CSS & JS (Javascript) and will also work as a CDN (Content Management System).

16. Pay As You Go

This is one of my favorite features in Cloudways that allows you to pay for what you spend & will be spending. You won’t need to pay any fixed price for a year or a month but instead, with Cloudways’ Pay As You Go policy, you’ll just need to pay for what you will be spending. Such as how much data storage you’ll be spending, how much bandwidth you’ll be spending etc.

17. CloudwaysCDN

Cloudways also offers a CloudwaysCDN the most powerful but very much affordable which further helps you skyrocket your blog page loading time by many numbers. This CDN is quite simple and will be configured with just a few clicks of a button.

18. Enterprise WordPress Hosting

Are you developing and managing WordPress blogs on a large scale? Or wanting to migrate your existed high-traffic WordPress blog/site to the Cloudways Enterprise WordPress Hosting that provides better services than cheap hostings or local hosting providers? Then Cloudways Enterprise WordPress Hosting is your #1 place to get your WordPress Business hosted in minutes. You can even migrate your existed blog along with all the data to this Enterprise WordPress Hosting.

If you’re willing to migrate, make sure to give a heads up to our Cloudways Promo Code to grab discount when you need.

Now we have talked a lot about the Cloudways Features and what it offers. For more detailed features, you can visit the Cloudways official site.

Cloudways Pricing Structure

Cloudways has a very simple pricing structure. Here I’d like to share with you a quick overview of Cloudways Pricing to help you know quickly that how much you’ll be paying for any service that you’ll be signing up for. For a quick reference, I’d like to let you know that you can also get Cloudways Free Trial for a whole 1 month or 30 days without paying anything. If you want to give a Free Trial Try to Cloudways, just click here.

All of the Cloudways Pricing & Plans come with the following privileges & features.

  • 24/7 Hours Expert Backed Support
  • Unlimited Apps/CMS Installations
  • Free SSL Certificates
  • Free Migrations

Now let’s move on to the Cloudways Pricing.

Cloudways DigitalOcean Pricing

Hosting PlansPriceRAMProcessorStorageBandwidth
Plan 1$10/Month1 GB1 Core25 GB1 TB
Plan 2$22/Month2 GB1 Core50 GB2 TB
Plan 3$42/Month4 GB2 Core80 GB4 TB
Plan 4$80/Month8 GB4 Core160 GB5 TB

Cloudways Linode Pricing

Hosting PlansPriceRAMProcessorStorageBandwidth
Plan 1$12/Month1 GB1 Core25 GB1 TB
Plan 2$24/Month2 GB1 Core50 GB2 TB
Plan 3$50/Month4 GB2 Core80 GB4 TB
Plan 4$90/Month8 GB4 Core160 GB5 TB

Cloudways Vultr Pricing

Hosting PlansPriceRAMProcessorStorageBandwidth
Plan 1$11/Month1 GB1 Core25 GB1 TB
Plan 2$23/Month2 GB1 Core40 GB2 TB
Plan 3$44/Month4 GB2 Core60 GB3 TB
Plan 4$84/Month8 GB4 Core100 GB4 TB

Cloudways Amazon Web Services (AWS) Pricing

Hosting PlansPriceRAMvCPUStorageBandwidth
Plan 1$86.77/Month3.75 GB120 GB2 GB
Plan 2$36.51/Month1.75 GB120 GB2 GB
Plan 3$176.21/Month8 GB220 GB2 GB
Plan 4$274.33/Month16 GB420 GB2 GB

Cloudways Google Cloud Platform (GCE) Pricing

Hosting PlansPriceRAMvCPUStorageBandwidth
Plan 1$73.62/Month3.75 GB120 GB2 GB
Plan 2$33.30/Month1.75 GB120 GB2 GB
Plan 3$138.64/Month7.5 GB220 GB2 GB
Plan 4$226.05/Month15 GB420 GB2 GB

Cloudways Black Friday Offers 2020

Most of the users out there are asking us about Cloudways Black Friday Offers and let me talk about it here.

Basically, Black Friday Deals are available at the end of each year and as you know that recently Black Friday Coupons & Offers time is already over so no more deals & offers are available for any web hosting provider out there. But still, with our Cloudways Promo Code, you can get a whopping 25% discount for the next 3 months which is amazing!

Now before I move ahead, I’d like you to take a look at the following Black Friday Deals for 2020

Other Web Hosting Deals For 2020

Web HostingDiscountRedeem Code
CloudwaysFirst 3 Months – 25% OFF Redeem Code
WPX HostingFirst Month – 50% OFF Redeem Code
HostGatorFirst Month – 99% OFF Redeem Code
iFastNet HostingFirst Month – 25% OFF Redeem Code
BluehostFirst Month – $2.95 Redeem Code
ShopifyFirst 14 Days Free Trial Redeem Code

Cloudways Hosting Review In An Infographic

Bottom Line

We have a wide range of Web Hosting Coupons & I think this Cloudways Promo Code will be very much useful to you. In case you found anything wrong in this article or the code that I have shared with you isn’t working then don’t forget to leave your valuable queries below in the comments because your valuable feedbacks & queries mean a lot to us.

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Happy Blogging ♥