Web 2.0 Workshop Tools For Recruiting

I’m going to change the way you recruit, in less than 5 minutes a day.

My new webinar on August 12th is about Recruiting 2.0 Tools. We’re going to surf the world-wide web and repurpose social media tools to use in recruiting. Calendars, video slideshows, click-to-call sites, and microblogging are all on the menu. This will be like nothing the recruiting world has ever imagined.

Sign up for 1:30 EST, August 12th at Hireability.

Recruiting 2.0 Tools Workshop: 5 Minutes A Day To Change The Way You Hire

Jim Durbin is an expert in social media who connects companies with results-driven candidates. As a consultant and business owner, Jim has worked with over 40 companies to deliver integrated marketing solutions using blogs, social networks, widgets and video.

In this 90 minute webinar, Jim demonstrates a step by step walk-through of the hottest Web 2.0 applications, including Twitter, FriendFeed, websites Meebo, YouTube, Flikr, Skype, Jajah, and more. This is no dry presentation. We’ll show you how to easily manage entire social media campaigns in less than five minutes a day, using free tools that connect you with hundreds of the right prospects in your market.

Everyone’s talking about Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn, but these sites can take a substantial upfront investment to yield results. In this one of a kind presentation, you’ll learn how to interview candidates over video, create click-to-call job orders, promote positions through microblogging, and build a referral system that requires no maintenance. The best candidates are getting smarter about looking for work. They’re using the power of Web 2.0 to connect with hiring managers and other great candidates, and their personal networks often shun recruiters as unnecessary middleman. Using specialized knowledge learned in this webinar, you can get to those spaces and identify yourself as a savvy recruiter faster than your competition can post a job on Monster.