Of Email Leads, Lists and Marketing Campaigns

Did you know that sending emails is still one of the cheapest ways to market your product or service? Yes, people think that because of all the spam they get that email marketing is ineffective. However, if done right and ethically, it can be a powerful medium to get new customers and engage old ones. The spam mail that you receive is usually unsolicited and sent in bulk without regard. In this article, we will look at what are email leads and how companies acquire and maintain their email lists. We will also see what the components of a successful email marketing campaign are.


The Thing About Emails

Emails have been around for quite some time; they were there before the Internet was the Internet we know of today. They offered a quick, almost instantaneous method of getting in touch with someone. With snail mail, you had to wait several days or even weeks, depending on where it was being sent. Not to mention an email costs much less than sending a physical letter. As the online business and consumer activity grew, email became the medium of choice for marketing services and products. In fact, it became so out of control that rules and regulations had to be implemented for email marketing. Unsolicited emails became spam and special filters were created to automatically remove them from one’s inbox.


Current Email Scenario

Yet, even now, people explicitly opt to receive emails from companies or services they wish to know more or keep up-to-date about. The examples can be updates from a video channel, or information about the latest pc. The reasons one signs up to receive information regarding what interests them is infinite. That is the primary factor why email marketing campaigns are still so successful.


The Successful Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing campaigns start like all other marketing campaigns. The following are the factors that you need to keep in mind:

Frequency: You need to decide on the frequency of the emails, will they be sent out weekly or bi-weekly or monthly and so on. You need to be careful here as too many emails may overwhelm your customer and too little may make them lose interest. You will need to decide on something in the middle ground to keep your customer engaged and not too stressed out.

Creative: The subject, as well as the email, needs to be creative, it should catch the attention of the customer. It should focus on the reason why the customer signed up to receive information from you in the first place. It should not be misleading and should be something that customers can latch on to. It can use a combination of text, visuals and even small videos and gifs.

Personalize it: Reach out to the customer on a first-name basis; the email should be written as if it is meant for the person reading it. You don’t just have to stick to one email being rolled out, create several different templates targeting various prospective customers as well as looking to engage old customers.

Readable on All Devices: Many businesses skip out on this part; however, it is one of those make it or break it points. With the advent of smartphones and tabs, more and more are utilizing them to view their email, surf the net or shop. If the email that you sent cannot be adequately viewed on a device, it will not create a good impression and be a loss as well. If you believe that a potential customer will log onto their laptop or desktop just to view your email, that’s just wishful thinking. It would be best if you have things done right from your end.

Analyze – Reanalyze:If you don’t have anyway to gauge the effectiveness of your email marketing campaign, you are just firing blindly and hoping to hit something. You need to know the results of your hardwork so that you can improve upon and make changes to an everchanging digital environment. If you don’t, you will find yourself out of a job and your company at a loss.

Keep The Email Marketing Lists Growing

You need to know who your customers are and also need to gain new subscribers continuously. You can do so by acquiring the best email marketing lists. There are also professional companies like listgiant.com that provide customized lists according to a business’s needs. They also provide list management software so that you can keep a record of existing data and new data altogether.