Take the Subway Listens Survey to Get a Cookie

As surveys are considered to be one of the top avenues for companies to get customer feedback, Subway has also started a survey named as Subway Listens Survey. This survey provides the company with an opportunity to test the satisfaction of its customers regarding the products. 

This survey can hence help the company in elevating the company’s status and bring about an increment in the overall sales. This strategy has been implemented by numerous brands and food chains around the world, and Subway in no different. 

This article will provide you with the major details regarding this survey, and the benefits it possesses for customers as well.


  • How to Participate in Subway Listens


Participating in Subway Listens is an easy process. Once you visit subway for a meal, you have to make sure that the receipt is saved and with you at the time of filling the survey. Therefore, once you get home, you have to take out that receipt and go to the official website of subway (TellSubway.com). 

You will find this survey on the website and then you have to fill it accordingly. First you have to fill in the subway store number which you can find at the receipt’s top right corner. Read more at Surveysea.com.


  • Rules and Eligibility 


In order to participate in this survey, there are some rules and eligibilities which must be considered. The first rule that makes you eligible for participation in Subway Listens is that you have to be over 18 years of age. This is rule ensures that you are a mature adult with a balanced approach towards the company’s product. 

The second rule is that you have to fill this survey within the first 30 days of your purchase from subway.com. As Subway listens is different from the postal experience survey, there is a specific limit to the days in which the survey can be filled because people usually forget the taste of the product very often. As a result, the overall credibility of the survey sea can be affected. 


  • Benefits and Rewards


Unlike the USPS, Subway is not offering a particular service for its clients. Its selling different products which are mainly food items. Therefore, the company has focused on rewarding the customers with food items as they are intended to fill in the form. Once a customer completes the form, they are given a coupon which should be saved. 

Out of all coupons, a few will win some of the finest and delicious Cookies. This offer is considered to be perfect keeping in mind the niche of this organization, and the customers are also likely to participate in this venture with utmost interests and jubilancy.