Top Music Games to Enjoy in Classroom

Music is referred to as the food for the soul and almost everyone in this world has either localized or international taste in music. This means that music is a universally accepted way to communicate your feelings to your friends and family. Hence, music games are considered to be an amazing avenue for kids to enjoy.

As every kid has a favorite singer, they tend to follow their beloved singers with full commitment. Some kids even have the walls of their rooms decorated with the pictures of their favorite pop stars, and their computers and mobile phones are filled with songs. Therefore, in the class rooms, teachers can provide their students with the opportunity to place different music games to enjoy in the free time. 

Here are some of the top music games for kids to enjoy in a classroom:


  • Pop Culture Trivia Question and Answers


The best game for kids to enjoy playing in the classroom is the pop trivia quiz that provides students with a chance to tell everyone about their favorite pop stars. In this game, you can come stand and come in front of the class to tell everyone who is your favorite pop icon and why. 

You can also sing one of his/her songs to enjoy and ease up the atmosphere. Moreover, in playing this game, you can also listen to the other students and explore their favorite pop stars as well. It is possible that you might like another student’s favorite pop start as well and end up listening to new songs. You can get similar music games ideas at meebily so check out the website to read about similar games. 


  • Guess the Song Game


Similar to the Pictionary game, this game requires students to make teams according to their columns and guess the name of a song given to them either by the teacher or by the opponent team. 

This game provides students with a learning activity where they can learn to put pressure on their minds and guess a certain song. Such practice can help students in using their senses in other walks of life too. Furthermore, by giving ques to your fellow players, you can learn to effectively use your expressions for communication. 


  • Hanna Montana Trivia Question and Answers


The Hannah Montana trivia quiz is one of the top favorites when it comes to playing music games in the class room, especially for female students. Girls find Hannah Montana to be one of the most attractive and cool singers out there, and many students would love to play a trivia quiz game regarding Hannah Montana songs along with her amazing lifestyle. 

She is the darling singer with a number of hits in the pop industry, and through this game, the students can test their knowledge regarding the all time Hannah Montana best songs to ever hit their TV screens.